Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bubble Up Enchiladas - Recipe

So, last night, I tried another new recipe - God bless Pinterest....Anyway, it was AMAZING and yes, I meant to put that in all caps as if yelling it...here it is http://www.recipe-diaries.com/2011/05/23/bubble-up-enchiladas-weight-watcher-recipes-part-2/

The recipe says that they are 6 points - this is from the old system - the Points Plus value is 10 so, it is a kind of high points value...but, if you have the points these are worth it! I had a serving last night with a salad for a total of 12 points which isn't bad for dinner...One nice thing about being really fat, is I get a lot of points, so this may not work for everyone. But, again, I can't stress enough how yummy these were, IMO...

The only thing I did different from the recipe is that I didn't have ground turkey, so I used very lean beef and browned it with a little chopped onion (which I added, it's not in the recipe). Then, I did the trick of putting the ground beef and onion in a colander and rinsing it off, which is a great trick to get off excess fat. After that, I put it back in the skillet and added some seasoning. I did S&P and a little chili powder because we like spice and then I proceeded with the recipe as written...

So good, even my very picky son liked it!!! I couldn't get my daughter to eat it, but she was determined to not like it so I think it was an attitude thing, not a recipe thing...Anyway, this will definitely be in my dinner rotation. You can also make a pizza version of this recipe!?!

This is a great recipe website - I'm trying her Baked Potato soup later this week as well...Yippee!

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AB said...

I pinned this one too, but hadn't given it much thought. Now that you made it, I think I'll do it this week too. Yum.