Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday, Monday

This weekend was hard for me...harder than dieting has been this time around....I did fine and stayed within my points, etc but it was a struggle for the first time. I wanted to eat - I was grouchy and annoyed and wanted to eat. I realize this is completely normal, but it's not fun. I made it through the weekend to Monday and I feel better this morning, kind of...I'm tired and grouchy still, but I'm plugging along.

I have a much easier time eating well during the week - I pack my lunch for work with some sort of entree' - either a Lean Cuisine or leftovers - a big bag of raw veggies and a piece of fruit. I'm typically very satisfied with this and it gets me a long way to getting all my fruit/veggie servings in. I have more structure during the week - meals are relatively set and planned for. On the weekends, even if I've planned out our menus, things come up to change those plans...Or I have a marathon day of shuttling kids to and from Target and dropping off at birthday parties and I get tired and just want to eat. Last night, even though I was tired, I made the healthy Baked Potato Soup that I was planning on and it was good...I enjoy cooking and it calmed me down...I ate a bowl of soup and a big salad and felt much better. So far, I'm reacting well to the frustrations and diversions that are coming up and that's good.

I sat down this morning and made out our meals through the week and made a grocery list and I'll go to Fred Meyer after I work awhile and do our shopping and all will be right in my little dieting world and this hurdle will be over...until the next one....

PS - that baked potato soup recipe is here if you're interested....

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